SDG 9 — Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

(1) IT-systems have to be safe, thus private and public infrastructure has to be better protected by i.a. a security by design regulation of IT-technology. Governments and companies need to adequately protect citizens and customers against malware and hacker attacks. Not everything that can be connected to the internet should and has to be. In order to not endanger the right to privacy and freedom of the internet, decisions on internet safety measures have to be justified publicly or towards democratically elected decision-makers.

(2) Net neutrality should be protected by law to guarantee free and fair sharing of content online.

(3) When it comes to new technologies, such as blockchain, questions concerning access or design for e.g. human and civil rights, the protection of data, abidance to laws and regulations, responsibilities, as well as its environmental footprint need to be in the center of any discussion. Therefore, governments have to become more knowledgeable, act faster, and not be primarily guided by economic criteria.

(4) Dependence of public institutions on big IT-companies is a troublesome misuse of public money, a problematic interpretation of competition and procurement laws and often a safety issue. Public money should only be used for open source programs.

(5) Algorith-based technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), has proven to exhibit biased outcomes due to the underlying data or social context. Human judgment is still needed to ensure AI supported decision making is fair. If needed, AI development and usage have to be subjected to much more rigorous public discourse and proper regulation in order to ensure its usage for the common good. The public interest should always be the main driver for public funding of AI. To ensure this, only open source software AI projects should be publicly funded.

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