SDG 8 — Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

(1) In order to prevent an increase of unemployment due to changes in a digital world’s work place, we suggest a reduction of working hours down to 35-30 hours a week with a minimum of 30 vacation days. Freelancers and contract workers need to get the same social protection as the regular work force. Proper regulation of temporary work and contracted services need to be introduced and implemented. There should be no exceptions from minimum wage. This is especially important for platform economies.

(2) Clear rules and rights for unavailability and conditions for a healthy work-life balance need to be established in every company. Introducing efficiency or behavior controls, such as inactivity protocols, have to be prohibited. To counter cutback on labor standards, staff associations should be a requirement.

(3) Any introduction of new technologies in a company has to follow proper staff participation processes. This includes clearly stating their usage, goals, details of software etc. and appropriate staff training.

(4) A free and fair internet needs space and competition for alternative, non-commercial, non-monopolistic products. Therefore, antitrust and competition laws have to be rigorously applied – including in the case of digital companies. IT and digital companies have to pay taxes where they generate revenue. Effective measures against tax evasion and fraud have to be applied nationally and internationally, including the strengthening of tax bodies and international tax cooperation within the EU and in an open and democratic UN institution.

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