SDG 4 — Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

(1) Public projects and programs on digitalization should focus on overcoming the digital divide. Their purpose has to be to increase capabilities of all citizens and public institutions in e.g. data protection or virtual communication as well as to provide the basis for an inclusive discussion on possibilities and risks of technologies and the digital world.

(2) Governments, companies, schools and other institutes have to ensure the protection of children’s data based on international ethical standards. IT-companies should refine tools, eg. password protections, age verification, filter or access granting, in order for parents to create an appropriate online environment for children.

(3) Teaching digital skills and supplying schools with digital equipment can be one element of a modern education system. However, lack of digital technology is in most cases not the most urgent issue of schools and other educational institutions. Funds and resources have to be allocated considering the needs of students for a proper and
rights-based education.

(4) Ethics, sustainability and humans rights need to be compulsory subjects in computer science, informatics and other IT education.

(5) Public institutions and agencies have to urgently increase their digital literacy and better understand the role and impact of technology, software and algorithms, and of proper regulation. E-Government has to serve the people. This also includes the improving online accessibility of official documents and information, as well as strict regulation on the use of citizen’s and non-citizen’s data.

(6) Publicly financed science, their outcomes and content must be openly accessible and not be patent-protected. Publicly relevant data such as statistical records, weather data, geographical data and maps, satellite pictures and more should be open access even if they are not publicly financed. Cooperation between science, civil society, governments, companies and media on issues concerning digitalization has to be improved and supported.

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