SDG 11 — Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

(1) The reduction of any kind of cars or trucks and the expansion of a sustainable mobility sector, concerning both individual and commercial traffic, should be the main political goal in the face of the climate and air pollution crisis. In order to truly have a positive impact on climate change mitigation, any electricity for e-mobility has to come from renewable, decentralized sources. Due to its high material and energy costs and usage, self-driving cars can – if at all – only constitute one element in any modern traffic system.

(2) Higher taxes on parcels and packages along with decent wages for delivery staff, and the introduction of reusable packaging need to be linked to the discussion of digitalization in order to counter the socially and environmentally problematic increase of deliveries.

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Smart cities: Need for consultation und communication on how data are utilized and allow citizens to choose how they want their data to be utilized.